MOBONIX: The Mickey Finn Special

What Chu Wanna Do?
The Mickey Finn Special

[Verse 1]

Your waistline, bangin like a bass line
Let me get to work baby I don't wanna waste time
I've been known to flirt everytime I go and face dimes
See whatever works when I twerk up the chase line, yeah
I wanna see you baby lick your lips and drop it fast
You know you make me crazy everytime you work that ass
Lets get it hot inhale a shot like a bullet vest
The liquid coca and patron burnin up ya chest
I got it made cause I always get it my way
And you can catch me doin 90 on the highway
All black Yamaha, dual tailpipes, chromed out, carbon fiber
Yeah it feels tight
I got my crew with me and we steady runnin thangs
I got the brew in me steady flowin through my veins
H-Town, pound for pound, we keep it true
Ladies in the club now, what chu wanna do?


My eyes on the prize and I really want you
I see you starin back baby what chu wanna do?
You lookin kinda cute, and I wanna talk to you
Tell me what it is baby what chu wanna do?

What chu wanna do?
We can ride to the crib, penthouse with a view

What chu wanna do?
(Well baby tell me is it cool if I bring a friend too?)

What chu wana do?
Say it loud in the crowd with your bad attitude

What chu wanna do?
(I wanna fuck her and I wanna fuck you)

[Verse 2]

I got some chicks overseas half French and Guyanese
We get party started while we floatin on the breeze
And I don't really drink but the liquor got me buzzin'
My brother on my side with a dozen of my cousins
I love my life yo it's like a music video
But it ain't right when your wifey's givin me your dough
That's what you get when u dealin with a slut
Everytime you kissin on her yeah you lickin on my nuts
And to these haters talking mad ill shit
Yeah ok, whatever kid
See I don't really know y'all but umm
Thanks for the props
Me ego's getting bigger hard edged between the rocks
Yeah I stay on top man when the beat drop
Play it loud as you can till your neighbor calls the cops
Yeah we won't stop man I thought you knew
Ladies in my crib now what chu wanna do?


[Verse 3]

It's that new type of era, with Indo's on your stereo
Met this chick named Sarah, (we) hopped in to the carerra
She had a couple pair of friends from The Sahara
The fine one's name was Tara and the other I don't care
She tells me that she likes it when I pull her hair
With her rose lips and her purple mascara
This girl was sexy like a midnight ferrera
Ferarri, she playin games like we on Atari
But we could talk that's why this chick was mad cool
But all we talked about was fuckin in the bathroom
Or in the classroom, even on her mom's bed
Screamin out, Mobonix, stop I can't handle it
It's time to bounce, I ain't really trying to get with ya
But for memories you can keep this Polaroid picture
Grabbed the shirt, diesel jeans, and the puma shoes
Ladies tell the fellas what you really came to do