MOBONIX: The Mickey Finn Special

Jack Bauer
The Mickey Finn Special

[Verse 1]

It's on, beats strong like Teflon
Put your vest on, I got the best on
Checkin out the club yea my ass is messed up
Everybody in white-T's my ass is dressed up
Called Christyles in the Best Western
He was with two twins, I was trying ta get one
After makin hits on my next best song
Me and Triple eatin steak at The Palms restaurant
Clocked this 'dosh' with this bomb dress on
She was posh had me watch with my eyes pressed on
She walked by and damn her legs long
She had me gassed up like my name's Exxon
(aye papi,
me encanta la gasoline,
ven comigo a la cantina,
porque estoy muy bonita)
Let's go

I'm Jack Bauer on the Mic (x2)

[Verse 2]

Ain't no need to stress here
Cause I really don't care
Cause I'm getting paid
with hooks catchy like the aids
layin in the shade sippin twisted marmalade
killin roach's like the raid
just hangin trying ta maintain
watchin sunsets in the peaceful pacific
if you wanna step then my style gets horrific
can't we all get along? To get the party on?
Hookers in the back party like it's mardi gras
Spittin party jams then I'll switch to poetics
Like sips on red stripes then back to moet-ics
Champagne for my campaign
To run for president of my empire
If you don't get that then your dumb dumb gay
The beats grimey like the slums of Bombay
Reverse your railed roads you're headed
Down the wrong way when the mbx blows
Tracks with bombs all day

I'm Jack Bauer on the Mic (x2)

[Verse 3]

Laced up in Evisu, button up Kabir
Limited editions latest outta next year
Don't peep forward cause we got the best here
It's the final frontier graduated first tier
Now they claimin stake like they got the works here
When they really on they last breath they got the worst here
The needles hangin low I'm only on my first gear
Somebody snapped the brakes I'm launchin out the atmospshere
Beamin out like Scottie in my drop-top scrapes
Lookin so fresh in my camoflauge bapes
Getting all the the honey's and I'm makin all the papes
Droppin ill rhymes over sick mixtapes
Burnin up your minds transgress to metaphysical
Blazin in your eyes then the whole world is visible
Like blackholes to light I'm devourin the night
Batman in real life but Jack Bauer on the mic

I'm Jack Bauer on the Mic (x2)