MOBONIX: The Mickey Finn Special

She's Poisonous (Brand New Day)
The Mickey Finn Special

[Verse 1]

I love you so much I hate you
Ain't no other way I can rate you
6 or 8 if u rocked a pole
8 to 10 if u had a soul
ur just an illusion, who're u confusin?
It ain't me, cause hun ur just loosin
What's important is we have the same views and
So what if it's hindu and muslim?
Does that mean I won't make a good husband?
Slow down I ain't tryinta be rushin
And then u say I ain't tryinta be much then
Well fuck u and fuck all ur cussin
So toss the bad memories in dust bin
now I forgot u like my teddy ruxpin
but then ur back cause I let the lust spin
then it's love then it's hate and the fussin

She's cold she's dark she's hot
She's cold she's dark she's hot
She's cookin up evil plots
She's makin my heart just pop

This girls my one weakness
She's poisonous

She's poisonous

[Verse 2]

I, hate you so much I love u
I, Wouldn't put nothing above u
Right, You got me twisted on some twists and turns
Why, gotta feel like that I've crashed and burned
My, high's gone when the tables turned
I, know some sorta lessons learned
Lies, I can see it deep in your eyes
Cries, throwin fits when we eat at Mai's
Knives cut through everytime we fight
Fuck you everytime we fight
That why, I wear my shades at night
It's too depressin, yo it can't be right
I can't believe that I trusted you
I can't believe that I busted u
In the stupid shit that u get in to
I guess keep doing things that u were meant to


(It's brand new day) x 8

[Verse 3]

You know I really didn't mean what I was saying earlier right?
I mean that's just how u made me feel earlier…right?

You got me feelin like….(she's poisonous)
You got me goin like….(uh yeah)
You trying to catch me wanna snatch me
And it's feelin right
But uh oh, (uh oh uh oh)
But uh uh oh whats this vibe
Seems u ain't satisfied
Okay okay, maybe we can do it just one more time
So we spend one more night
Hugs, kiss, kiss, hugs, hugs kiss, kiss hug
Turn off the lights
Now she's touchin, touchin, grabbin
Scratchin, rippin, slippin, drippin, uh huh screamin }; )
More, more, more, more, more, more
Stop…she's poisonous

[Outro Verse]
Music make me lose control
Music make me lose control
Wanna see u soaked in patron
Yeah I really wanna take you home<br>Yeah the way I roll, first class, no coach
Never had game, Always approached
But it don't take skill to close the deal
In the morning I'll have eggs and toast
Despite your belief I never played these hoes
And I'm sick and tired of tryinta save thee hoes
So it's not workin out and away she goes
And I'm real smooth the way Mercedes rolls
On to next yeah it's on to the plex
On to the heartaches that burn thru the chest
What kind of story will she make up next?
I don't really care cause there's make-up sex